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This part of documentation is about GHComponent development.

Get started

To develop GHComponent you need to clone it's repository. Then, pick the right node version from package.json, install dependencies, and run

npm run dev

This will start build of GHComponent.

After this, you have 2 options. If you use any type of bundler on your website, run in GHComponent project

npm link

Go to website project, pick same version of node, and run

npm link @gudhub/gh-component

After this step, website will pick code for GHCopmponent not from node_modules, but from your local build.

If you don't have any build, you need to to server current folder. To do this, for now, we recomend you to use Live Server extendison for VS Studio Code (or any similar extension to server code from current folder). In the future, we will add server feature to GHComponent.
Next, you need to include GHComponent to your website page as script

<script src="http://localhost:5500/dist/main.js"></script>