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Rest API

Group Sharing Overview

GudHub provides a lot of functions to make connections between application. Such networks usually have many applications with different permissions. To share one application, you must share all others. With Sharing the user can share and set permissions for only one application at a time. In the case of a large number of applications, it is too difficult to control all the permissions.

Group Sharing is created to resolve that problem. This feature allows you to group different applications together and set the same permission for all of them. And all this in just a couple of clicks. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Three groups of requests are used for the work with groups:

Work Logic

Group Sharing has its own work logic. The most important thing is that permission to the certain application is provided in accordance with a certain hierarchy. The higher the permission, the higher the priority of access.

This means that if you have administrator rights for an application, but you are just a member of the group (where this application is located), you still have administrator access to that application.

In addition, the group has some rules related to apps and users.

Full List Of Requests