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Getting Started

To start development of the website you need to create website's folder in the server folder for your websites (see Server local installation and configuration) or you can install server as CLI (see Server as CLI). In both cases, you'll receive empty folder.

Next, if you already have website and want to continue it's development, you need just clone website from repo, install dependencies, run shellnpm run dev.

If you want to create new website, first of all, you need to install @gudhub/ssg-website-cli globally. Next, open your empty website folder and run shellcreate-gudhub-website. Follow the instructions in terminal and then you will see website boilerplate in your folder. Now, install all dependencies (if you picked 'no' for this step in terminal) and then run shellnpm run dev.

Finally, if you are using local web server - just open name of your folder in browser and you will se your website! If you are using Server as CLI, just run in another terminal shellgudhub web server and website will open in new tab of your default browser.

For now, you have your website up and running. If you are creating new website, then, you will need to configure config. See Config.