Tag is a gh-element that allows to add keywords to your item. This is very useful for making the search in application easier.

Value Format

This element contains the option IDs as a value. If it is multiple

    "field_value": "2,3,4"

Element Options

The element options consists of settings that configure the field itself and settings for adding various tags.

Field Settings

The tag field settings do not contain any special options other than the multiple value. About standard field settings you can read in Setting Overview article.

Settings of tag  field

Name Description
Multiple value allows the element to accept multiple values

Multiple value

This function allows to select multiple tags at the same time..

Options Settings

This is a table where you can add new tags as well as delete or edit existing ones.

Settings of tag options

Name Description
Name name of the tag; details...
Edit allows to update and delete the option; details...


This is the name of the tag, namely, the keywords themselves. Then user can select one them in the item.


This column contains two buttons - for editing and for deleting tags options.

Element Style

The style of tag element has no special details. Accordingly, it has only standard settings and, as all other elements, its own interpretation types.

Style of tag element

Data Model

In the tag data model, apart from element settings and interpretations, you can find all added options and their properties.

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": [],
        "max_value": 4,
        "multiple_value": true,
        "options": [{
            "name": "tag",
            "value": 2
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
max_value number contains ID of the last option with the maximum value
multiple_value boolean shows whether the element takes multiple values
options array contains all options and their properties
name string contains the option name
value number contains the option ID


The tag element can be filtered by the option name. There are five filters for this.


The tag interpretation types are very similar to the text and the options elements.

Types of tag interpretation


Editable interpretation type that allows to add and delete values.

Plain Text

This is an interpretation type that only displays the selected values.