Send Request

Send Request is a gh-element that allows you to send requests. It also allows to pre-configure this request.

Value Format

This element does not store any values.

Element Options

This send request has two groups of settings which allow to configure the element and its work.

Field Settings

The first group configures the field. They mostly consist of standard settings and partly of additional one.

Settings of send request field

Name Description
Button Text allows to enter the button name

Button Text

This is the setting that allows to change the button name and display the entered text.

Send Options

Options of send request

Name Description
URL Address allows to enter the destination URL address; details...
Scheme allows to enter the scheme for request; details...

URL Address

This is the address to which the request is sent.


This is the button that opens the JSON constructor. Here you can enter your code

Element Style

The style of current element depends mainly on the default settings and its interpretation. You can customize the send request to your liking.

Style of send request element

Data Model

This element has not a big data model. It contains all the values of the settings including a complete scheme.

    "data_model": {
        "btn_text": "Send",
        "interpretation": [],
        "scheme": [],
        "url": ""
Name Type Description
btn_text string contains the button name
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
scheme array contains the entered JSON scheme of the request
url string contains URL for request


Since the element does not have value, it cannot be filtered out by any filter.


The element has only one interpretation type that displays the send request as a standard blue button with an entered button name.

Types of send request interpretation